Environmental Control

In today's manufacturing facilities, nothing is left to chance. This applies to the equipment, processes, expertise, and everything that combines to maximize the efficiency of the manufacturing flow and keep costs in check. The same priority applies to ensuring that the air on the production floor is clean, healthy, and free of harmful particles.
Chemicals and gases - also known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) - are an integral part of the production process in many manufacturing fabs. VOCs evaporate into the air at room temperature following their release in a process called off-gassing. Some VOCs are harmless. Others can be harmful, especially when they react with other common but unhealthy air components and are inhaled over an extended time period.
That's why proper ventilation has long been a cornerstone feature in the design of modern manufacturing facilities. Advanced filtration technologies and products are also employed to further sanitize and optimize air quality in industrial environments.

With its expertise in cutting-edge process equipment that use complex chemicals and gasses, AMEC was uniquely positioned to innovate a filtration product that meets exacting standards for air quality. The company's VOC purifier is the first product of its kind innovated in China for industrial use.

    CMEC has developed a single CCP machine and two ICP machines, which can cover 90% of etching applications