With its patented architecture, the Prismo A7® system can accommodate up to 4 reactors and process up to 136 4-inch wafers or 56 6-inch wafers simultaneously. It is extendible to 8-inch wafer production. Each reactor is controlled independently – a novel design that enables exceptional manufacturing flexibility. The Prismo A7 is engineered for high throughput LED production with its 716mm diameter susceptor. It is currently the throughput advanced MOCVD system in the industry with the advantage of consumption per unit. Throughput performance is more than twice as high as AMEC’s first-generation MOCVD tool, the Prismo D- BLUE.

Prismo A7®

MOCVD solution for high-volume LED production

Products Features

Independently controllable reactors

Industry advanced in-situ, real-time monitoring system

Precise process parameters control

Automated and programmable maintenance routines

SEMI S2 certified with enhanced tool safety performance

Competitive Advantages

Superb process repeatability, simplified tool maintenance and improved production yield

High throughput and low cost with its 716mm diameter susceptor, doubled throughput compared with AMEC’s

first-generation MOCVD tool (Prismo D-BLUE®

Integrated lid lifting mechanism, simplified tool maintenance and maximized tool utilization

SEMI S2 certifi