The 亿游app·(中国)官方网站 system, AMEC’s first-generation dielectric etch product, is a 300mm cluster tool that can be configured with up to three dual-station process modules (PM). Each PM allows two wafers to be processed simultaneously while in a single wafer processing environment. The product utilizes AMEC’s proprietary decoupled VHF and LF RF system plasma source, FEIS ring plasma confinement, and advanced kits to control the processing chamber environment. The Primo D-RIE system was designed for etch applications for all dielectric film stacks, including Silicon Oxide, Silicon Nitride and Low-k materials. Since its launch in 2007, Primo D-RIE has been deployed in leading fabs worldwide for its cost effectiveness and high performance in mass production.

Primo D-RIE®

Innovative solutions for semiconductor device fabrication at 65nm to 16nm nodes

Products Features

Dual-station chamber design with more effective throughput

Independent process station RF system (bottom HF and LF) and end-point control systems

Proprietary RF match system

Proprietary plasma-confinement technology

Competitive Advantages

High throughput with low cost of ownership (CoO)

Small footprint

Integrated strip capability and surface charge reduction cap