Primo SSC AD-RIE ® It is a single reaction dielectric etching product launched by Zhongwei in 2013, which is available in primo ad-rie ® On the basis of product technology and primo platform concept, six SLRs are integrated on one platform to maximize production capacity. In addition to the cavity design of the SLR that can transport gas independently, in order to meet the challenges of key processes below 2x nm, especially contact hole etching, the equipment also has the following characteristics: synchronous pulse RF system, cooling focusing ring process components and very low pressure gas pumping system. Primo SSC ad-rie is beneficial to deal with the micro load problem of multilayer film etching, the extreme edge morphology problem and the terminal control problem of contact hole etching. Primo SSC ad-rie has been steadily mass produced on the 16 nm chip production line of mainstream customers.


Provide innovative etching solutions for 26 to 10 nm chip manufacturing

Products Features

Dedicated gas delivery and pumping for each processing station

Multi-zone gas tuning and dual-zone ESC temperature control

High pumping conductance with large capacity turbo pump

Synchronized dual-level RF pulsing (bias and source) system

Cooled focus ring process kit option for extreme-edge wafer CD control

High upper/lower electrode area ratio for high aspect ratio (HAR) structure etch

Competitive Advantages

High dielectric material etch rate, multiple functions for etch uniformity tuning

Synchronized dual-level RF pulsing system

Higher chamber flow conductance design for wider etch stop window

Low-cost solution for middle and high aspec