AMEC Huilian
Registered in 2018, AMEC Huilian Technology (Shanghai) Ltd. Co. is an innovative enterprise incubated from its parent company AMEC. Huilian is gifted with both genuine high-end manufacturing industry gene and considerable experience in Internet industry. As a core service supplier of Xinhuo BIF Backbone Nodes(星火·链网骨干节点), Huilian is devoted to constructing the new-generation ecological Industry Internet system based on blockchain technology and Web 3.0 notion, namely, We-Linkin, on which important verticals and regional industries will form an effective and mutually-trusted ecology of win-win collaboration. By September, 2021, there have been over 1,000 enterprise users from industries such as Semi-Conduct Equipment, Synthesized Leather and Chemical Reagents on We-Linkin.
Since 2018, Huilian has received numerous recognition from users, partners and industry authorities, and won a series of awards. Adhering to the innovative commitment, Huilian will be unremittingly dedicated to the construction cause of inter-industry ecological system of Industry Internet.