The Primo AD-RIE® system is AMEC’s second-generation dielectric etch product. Built upon the proven D-RIE architecture, the system embodies new proprietary designs featuring advanced capabilities such as a switchable dual-low-frequency RF generator, multi-zone gas distribution, and dual-chiller temperature control system. To maximize productivity, the AD-RIE system employs a cluster tool design that can be configured with up to three dual-station process modules (or six processing stations) per system. The AD-RIE product delivers the most advanced capabilities for new generation IC device manufacturing requirements, world wildly used for 40-7nm BEOL applications, and 10nm FEOL applications development and production. Furthermore, AMEC developed Primo AD-RIE series products: Primo AD-RIE-e and Primo AD-RIE-cr. Primo AD-RIE-e is configured with step-by-step temperature control 4-zone dynamic ESC, which helps improve etch uniformity and selectivity with wider process window. The Primo AD-RIE-cr features corrosion resist chamber with AMEC’s proprietary surface coating technology, which offers solutions for dielectric, metal and metal oxide complicated structure etch.

Primo AD-RIE®

Innovative solutions for semiconductor device fabrication at 40nm to 7nm nodes

Products Features

Dual-station chamber design with more effective throughput

Switchable bias RF system for by-step recipe control

Pulsing RF system as option

Multi-zone gas distribution system

Dual zone ESC for temperature control

Dynamic ESC option for step-by-step temperature control (Primo AD-RIE-e)

Corrosion resist chamber with proprietary surface coating technology (Primo AD-RIE-cr)

Integrated strip capability and surface charge reduction capability (Primo iDEA® System)

Competitive Advantages

In-situ high-and-low bias-frequency switch system, for wider process window (especially Trench/Via All-in-one applications)

Excellent process control, tunability and stability for advanced processing criteria

High throughput and low cost of ownership (CoO)

Series products for various typical applications: Primo A