With its patented architecture, the Prismo UniMax® MOCVD system can accommodate up to 4 reactors and process up to 108x4” or 40x6” GaN based Blue/Green Mini LED wafers simultaneously. It is extendible to process 164x4” or 72x6” wafers through susceptor configuration change, and is also capable for 8” wafer processing. Each reactor is controlled independently ‒ a novel design that enables exceptional manufacturing flexibility. The Prismo UniMax® MOCVD system is engineered for high performance Mini LED production with its innovated local temperature adjustable heating system. It can deliver excellent wavelength uniformity and good reliability for Mini LED production. With its 785mm diameter susceptor, the Prismo UniMax® MOCVD system can significantly improve the production throughput and reduce the cost of ownership.

Prismo UniMax®

MOCVD solution for advanced display application with high-volume Mini LED production

Products Features

Industry advanced in-situ, real-time monitoring system

Precise process parameters control

Automated and programmable maintenance routines

SEMI S2 certified with enhanced tool safety performance

Competitive Advantages

ExExcellent process performance and wafer uniformity

Complies with highest semiconductor industry standards

Low cost-of-ownership (CoO) and easy serviceability

Superior UVC LED wafer capac